I haven't been on Soulseek for a while. I tried to log on under my old username, but it’s telling me my password is wrong. How could this happen?

Soulseek recycles usernames after a full month of the person not logging in to conserve server memory. If you do not have privileges, your username will be cleared when 30 days have passed without you logging on or when your privileges have expired, whichever comes last.



does that mean that if I haven't logged in in a month I would loose all my user lists?! If so that's kinda cruel .... :-(

Your user list is stored locally, so it won't be lost when your username is cleared. Also, making a one time-donation now ensures that your username is never erased.

OK, since you left it out, what is the fix? I've tried re-registering and it still says wrong username or password....never had these problems before....

Ya so whats the fix???

Register another username?

What`s the donation cost?