Why can't I connect to Soulseek?

If you're using Soulseek client version 156, please be aware that the server it connects to is no longer online, as it was almost completely empty when we decided to shut it down. Try SoulseekQt or Soulseek 157 NS 13e available on our download page to connect to the new server.

If you are using SoulseekQt or 157, it's possible your ISP is blocking access to Soulseek, as the Soulseek server is almost never offline.

If you would like us to try and diagnose your connection problem, see this post.

I haven't been on Soulseek for a while. I tried to log on under my old username, but it’s telling me my password is wrong. How could this happen?

Soulseek recycles usernames after a full month of the person not logging in to conserve server memory. If you do not have privileges, your username will be cleared when 30 days have passed without you logging on or when your privileges have expired, whichever comes last.

Why can't I browse some users' files?

To browse a user's files, you need to be able to form a network (TCP) connection to that user, and not every two users on Soulseek can connect to each other. The Soulseek client sets up a listening port to accept incoming TCP connections. Under certain fairly common circumstances, the listening port may not be accessible to the outside world. As Soulseek attempts each peer connection in both directions, you should be able to connect to almost any other user if your listening port is accessible.

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