A few searches won't return results

The first one I found was simply searching for MGMT. After that was "bob" and "dylan" (without the quotes). Then today I found "beatles" and "bungalow". I'm not complaining about this awesome program, I'm just wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

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Hi there,

Are you saying that typing the word "beatles" into Soulseek returns zero results? That seems a bit odd, considering the scope of the Soulseek community and the fact that the band is fairly well-known. ;)

Do all search terms show zero results or just a few?

Search results could be affected by your network at home:
Are your ports forwarded correctly?
What OS are you on?
What client version are you using?

On a side note, please do be aware of the Soulseek TOS regarding copyrights, intellectual property, and such. :) Just an FYI. http://www.soulseekqt.net/news/node/682

The search gave absolutely no results. Whenever I get results I get plenty. Like when I search for the words martha, my and dear I get normal results but when I add "beatles" then I get none. I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium and the original Soulseek client found here:
I'd be very glad to know that it's just me, that this doesn't happen to anyone else. Also this isn't for files I've downloaded, this is just what I've searched for out of curiosity.

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Well, most users who contribute on this forum use the Qt client, not the old one. There is a separate forum if you would prefer to use that for support issues (it deals only with the original client):

That being said, I can't say that your searching issue has ever happened to me, sorry :(

I'm fairly positive it could be your port configuration, because if your ports are not opened correctly, you'll likely have severely limited results (NAT errors, etc).

Can you confirm your ports are open and router is configured correctly?

Oh sorry, I should have said, it's exactly the same when I try it with Qt.

I will post tomorrow about my port configuration and router.

Some searches are blocked. I can't go into too much detail about it except to say that we don't have a choice in the matter.

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Indeed, I was wondering if that was playing a role here in this particular case, Nir. I didn't want to jinx anything by bringing it up myself, but when I saw that the OP had typed the "B" word, that's the first thing I thought of. (the word that rhymes with Keetles)

But hey, it is what it is, right?

I'm just glad it's not me!

Unfortunately :)

I use this program to find a lot of obscure classical music and sheet music. I play the classical guitar and I don't know what I would do without this. I can't find half the music I download available to buy. Thanks for making this.

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When it comes to online, the Soulseek community is second to none.

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It seems almost impossible sometimes to get a decent version of a good classical music track. E.g. Someone gave me instructions for his opinion of Bach's best songs, and all of them I fund with decent Bitrate are harpsichords!... Ok, it's an 'atmospheric' instrument, but the piano renders/would render the tune with so more quality, depth, power, etc... Of course, finding the version/the name of the person whpo has done a decent piano version may help, but when I have found a decent version via youtube, the results are very meagre...!
Also, it is a common fact that outting the Beatles, or 'beatles' into the search produces nO RESULTS (for the last few years, on this new as well as the older version, perhaps because it would 'drown' the system?

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*putting..(re last msg)
Searches for the Beatles NEVER produce results, it is an in-joke of Soulseek (?), but neither does putting Bob Dylan, nor even his albums now...
The beatles has been true on any computer, both versions of Soulseek anywhere in the world I am, not that that matters...
It's the punishment for being so norty as to want music so badly that you need to download it... rather than get yet another CD!One has to be clever - e.g. Time Out Of mind, doesn't work, so 'Out of Mind' sort of does...
For any authority reading this - I and I guess most people here, have all the artists records, so it has already been paid for!
But I wish someone, if not Soulseek would answer my question on another blog... re how to add another file to what people can share with me... Does anyone read them anymore?
Nevermind, in the meantime, one is grateful for the very human-folk of Soulseek!

This has already been answered numerous times, even in this thread, above. There's no "in-joke", some terms have to be filtered out because of legal reasons, otherwise the app probably would already have been shut down a long time ago, sharing the fate of many other P2P networks. Not much that can be done with it.

PS search for dylan, then filter out the results by adding bob. does the job.