Certain words will cause searches to fail when excluded with a dash

Hello Nir, I was happy to read that you've reimplemented the '-' token to exclude search terms. (A prudent thing to do, because it will create unnecessary network traffic if I let out 5,000 results and then use the in-line filter to get rid of these results.) Good. But it does not yet work correctly. (BTW I've known about that issue for about 10 years because may also be reproduced in the 15x versions and even below. However, maybe now seeing that the Qt version is much easier to maintain than the messy Win32 API one, it may finally be fixed.) There are a couple of CERTAIN words that will ALWAYS stall a search. I'd like to call them "killer words". If you look for 'rarities', it works. (Despite the myriads of results you'll get) But if you look for 'rarities -beatles' (read: gimme all rarities shared BUT those of the Beatles) nothing will be output in the search. "Beatles" IS a "killer word", so you had better not use the dash to exclude it from the search, for you will get zilch results. I would really be curious like to know WHAT causes this.
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Hi monsieurX,

I can't go into too much detail, but 'beatles' is one of the terms we have to filter for legal reasons. Right now there's a problem with the filtering engine that pretty much filters searches containing tokens that have the word in them, and not just the exact words themselves. This is something I've been meaning to fix for a while now and just never got around to. I expect I'll have this done within the next week or two.

Thanks, Nir

Fantastic, that would be great! I'm not lying: it's been a decade I wanted this to get fixed, but see, there were much more important things to worry about (e. g. the ever-requested Unicode support, note I'm speaking of the pre-Qt builds)) so I really didn't want to come up with that stuff.
That's why it would really be superb if my patience had paid off all these years. :)

Thanks so much in advance. I will gladly be your guinea-pig to give this a thorough test.