Addressing memory use

For the last couple weeks I've been taking a closer look at the way SoulseekQt uses up memory. If you're a casual user, sharing no more than a couple of tens of thousands of files or less, and you don't go around leaving a whole lot of search and share browse windows open, chances are you haven't had too many problems with SoulseekQt's memory use. If you're one of the more heavy users out there, well, you should still be fine as long as your rig gives you enough memory to play around with.

August end of month clearance build

  • You can now choose file extensions to exclude from folder downloads. Files with the selected extensions can still be downloaded individually.
  • You can now ask to be alerted when a user goes online via the context menu. User online alerts can be viewed under Users->Online Alerts.
  • A search filter can now be marked as a default filter. It will then be automatically applied to any new searches, save for wishlist searches that have been associated with a different filter.
  • The tabs in many places are now movable so as to let you reorder them.

New service for privileged users: Direct Search Delivery

We're happy to announce a new service for privileged users that we've been experimenting with for the last couple of weeks. If you've donated recently and have privileges time left you probably know this already, as we've notified privileged users via mass message a while ago.


User info, Room and user list searches

I get to check off a few big ones with tonight's build. The user info feature is something I know has been sorely missing in SoulseekQt since the very beginning. I've never been particularly happy with the way it turned out in the original Soulseek client, but I wasn't sure how I'd prefer it. The way it ended up this time around feels like an improvement. The user picture and textual description are shown contiguously on one page using an HTML control. Extra information like upload slots and upload availability are shown in small fields on top.


Small but important fix

This one fixes a non-response of the SoulseekQt client to a somewhat less common type of upload request coming from the original client. It's not a huge deal on the individual user level, but I've been wanting to do a little more advertising of SoulseekQt, and I figured I'd get this out of the way before I start. Other changes include:


There and Back Again

It's been a rough few days, trying to figure out how not to undo all of the work I did standardizing Unicode as the client's de facto method of handling strings. I literally went through three separate conversions. The first to ensure that the data system could easily handle switching to any new method of storing basic values, seeing as I had changed it once, then back when it turned out Qt's Unicode QStrings couldn't handle extended ASCII characters as gracefully as I needed them to.


Many small things

Update: It appears the across-the-board conversion to Unicode is making the new build unable to download files with extended ASCII characters in their name (shared by users of the original Soulseek client.) I've pulled the download links and auto update notification until I can figure out a solution.


Update notification, User-initiated uploads, Away status and more

Though most of you would probably find the update notification to be the most useful new feature of tonight's build, most of the work went toward implementing user-initiated uploads, seeing as those had to be made to work in both directions if the feature were to be considered complete. To attempt to send a file to a user, right-click their name and select 'Upload to user'. A share browse window will open showing your own files, or at least what subset of them should be available to the particular user based on your shared folder privacy settings.


Empty share warnings, fixes and more

One of the most oft requested features over the years, and one I've always resisted strongly is that of automatically banning users who aren't visibly sharing anything from one's download queue. I have no desire to repeat the many fine points that have been raised time and time again on either side of the argument in a multitude of discussions here and on our original forum. Suffice it to say that I understand that Soulseek relies on openness, on the willingness of its users to share the things that they love with those around them.


Download alerts, Chat logging and Color configuration

Whew, that took a lot longer than I expected. To wit!



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