NS Users on QT

Hello. I didn't find this question in the forum.

Is it possible to add a user who is using SoulseekNS on my SoulseekQT account?

I tried, but the program tells me the user doesn't exist. And I know it does because I'm using it in another pc.


SoulseekQt and Soulseek NS connect to the same server. Are you sure you're entering their name correctly? I can check the username for you if you'd like.

my old NS build was great and had greater success with searching and other things i was online while downloading music media when i found a user with a file i had been searching for as soon as i mad a attempt to dl from this user the file i was booted offline and not able to log into my NS account ever since!! :( a few days went by and a good friend from germany told me that i could dl the new QT build and make a new user name....which i did but im not deferring to it and wanted to know how to contact a admin for slsk to help me get my old NS account running again?!! i tried several times to request a new password but it says no user name exist but all my friends can see that my user name is still there and i added my old account to my new userlist and see myself that it is there but i CAN NOT get a password reset to my email? can anyone help ive asked almost 8-9 user that have been on slsk since the mid 2000's and nobody can help me?! thank you for your time please send a message to me if you can help.....peace

Where are you trying to request a new password? Soulseek only lets you change your password if you're already logged in.

I tried importing my old user list from NS but the so called "hotlist.cfg" was not there in the old program folder, but I saw one "attributes.cfg". Are these two compatible? I even tried copying over the attributes file but nothing showed in Qt. advise.

The two files use the same binary format, but don't contain the same information. Make sure you configure Soulseek NS not to save data to the registry before searching for hotlist.cfg, as advised by SoulseekQt when you try importing your user list.