Donations system

Being a donor for quite a while, I noticed that the privileges are working by the calendaristic system. I firmly consider that this system is not fair for the donor. If I donate for one month privileges and I cannot use slsk because of various reasons, objective ones (I'm in hospital or I have an accident etc), I cannot make use of my privileges and plus, I cannot recover the days lost. I would consider that a system based strictly on the time a donor uses slsk is more fair than the current system. I donate for one month privileges, I use slsk 1 day, then only one day to be taken from that full month. You might say that this system is not fair for you, but I suppose that all the users that donate to slsk, they use slsk frequently, otherwise is not smart to donate and not use the service. Thanks !
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Well, you're donating to help keep the system you're using alive. The privileges are given as a thank you for that. If we were sure we could change the way privileges work and it wouldn't hurt donations we'd do that, but we're so close to the edge already, any such change could bring Soulseek to an end.