Exit Soulseek After Transfers Are Completed

It's very rare that I don't have a queue of files people want from me, so when the time comes that I need to close Soulseek for whatever reason, I feel bad cutting people off mid-transfer and forcing them to either wait until I come back online or find the files from someone else. The idea is mostly self-explanatory, once enabled I would appear offline or invisible in some form and my client will no longer respond to search queries from other users. Soulseek will close itself when all existing uploads & downloads are completed.
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I would add the ability to shutdown the computer.

Yes this is *exactly* the thing I wanted to add to Soulseek for years!

You could have it for only downloads, or only uploads, or both. Computer shutdown as opposed to Soulseek shutdown would be cool too.

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This goes along with the Stop uploading to new people, but finish queue feature that was requested on this forum.