lost your private messages.

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many times noticed a similar thing. when it comes to multiple messages, you you click on one and all the others disappear. I notice it in the last few builds. chat logs off, I realize this is likely to decide problem but this is a bug.
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Hmm, do you mean that all the buttons for a particular user disappear? In fact there is a bug there as no more than one button per user should appear (thank you for pointing me to it.) Or are you describing a different problem?

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no. If several users write messages, I can only read that someone picked first.
because I do not often write, I can not spend enough tests, but several times observed this problem.

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I spent the whole evening, closely followed by reports and seems to realize his mistake. I apologize that distracting.
in previous versions of this nebylo, several messages from one person to come up individual banners. it was unexpected)

Oh yeah, but you did point me in the direction of a bug, so that's good. This will be back to normal in the next build.