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There are some users 'sharing' a lot of the stuff I'm always looking for that have 0 slots and that won't add me in their list. So I let them in my list [I share userlist only] and I ban them. But I'd love not having their files opening wishlists windows [for nothing, seen that they won't let me download]. So it'd be good for me not having those users in search and wishlist results... Thnks :)
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That makes sense. I'll make it so that search results from unshared users won't be processed.

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Hi Nir, so good to see you working again on the client like in the good old times at the VERY VERY beginning! As you see I am still here and still with my origial username! XO, Fitz

Hey fitz! Yeah, this is fun! The SoulseekQt forum is turning out to be very good for the ol' collaborative effort ;) I know you're still around because I keep getting search results from you :) Hope to keep seeing you here!

Cheers, Nir

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Yeah, I didn't even know about this QT client until I had to install slsk on a new laptop.
Then I looked around and found this forum where I saw you discussing features and anwsering to users and it reminded me of the early years when slsk was only a few users and you were releasing a new client every week with new improvements [sometimes also different clients in the same day].
And I still remember when I told you: "Nir, I'd really love to know how long I have to wait before my download will start" and a few hours later you released a new client with the "place in line".
It's so good to see this collaboration like before, good work!
See ya around, XO,

I can't believe you remember all this stuff :) It's all a grey fog to me. For old times sake, here's a build that throws away search results from users you've unshared your files from: SoulseekQt-9-22-2012.exe, I'm assuming you're on Windows, but let me know if you're not and I'll link to the right build.

See you around! Nir

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well, users i banned are still on my list because being sharing only with userlist if i remove them from my list they'll never know i've benned 'em [and where's the fun in that?]

and also, "throws away search results from users you've unshared your files from" technically are all results from all users not in my userlist! so, does it mean that with this option i won't get results from people who are not in my userlist? [as i share with userlist only] because i surely do not want that as it would mean i'd never find new users too add in my userlist and it would be too bad....
thnx :)

Unshared in the context of SoulseekQt means you've explicitly unshared your files from a particular user (context-menu option), this doesn't include users with whom you haven't shared your files in the first place. So only search results from these users will be thrown away.

Cheers, Nir

Along these same lines, it would be nice if we didn't get search results from users who have banned us.

Perhaps have the client not respond to search queries from banned users? I don't know the architecture of the soulseek network so I don't know how feasible this would be...

SoulseekQt doesn't return search results to unshared users, so if they're using SoulseekQt that will be the end effect.

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Ok, that's very good. Now for me the BIG problem is the one I've just found out:

"Can any of my data be transferred from the original Soulseek client to SoulseekQt?
Not currently, sorry. The two clients handle their data very differently, and so far I have not had the time to write a proper import tool."

I've got a MASSIVE userlist, about 800/1000 users [in over 12 years of Soulseek I've made some friends...] and adding manually all users into the QT client is quite out of question.
Wouldn't it be possible to manage to import at least this one cfg file from the NS client?

As long as the configuration is read from file and not from registry it won't be too difficult to export this data to SoulseekQt. Let me see what I can do.

Try this one: SoulseekQt-9-28-2012.exe. Under Options->Extras there's an 'import user list' button. It will ask you to locate the hotlist.cfg file which is generated by Soulseek NS when writing configuration data to registry is disabled. I've actually had a hard time finding mine (the folder it was in wouldn't show up in the Qt file dialog), but copying it to another location and opening it from there worked just as well.

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Ok, thnx a lot for the solution to my userlist problem!
But before 'migrating' I need another info: actually my pc is in a very bad shape and crashes a lot if it's used too 'intensly', so i got to keep the memory used the lowest i can.
actually my slsk 157ns sucks 100,000 kb of memory with 37,000 files shared.
the question is: the new client, with the same amount of files shared, will be using more or less than the ns?
btw i'm goin to fix the pc quite soon but, in the meanwhile, i think i could already migrate on the new server if that wouldn't increase the 'weight' of the client...
thnx for the answer, nir! :)

Yeah, SoulseekQt takes significantly more memory to run than Soulseek NS. I don't think there's anything that can be done about that. There's more information about it here.

Thanks, Nir

Thanks for this information.

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