When I use the Download Folder option in search results, it only downloads the files actually shown. Why?

This change from Soulseek NS is due to two reasons, one technical, and the other practical. When trying to download the files in a folder, the client has no knowledge of what files exist in the same folder other than the ones that were returned as search results. Soulseek NS gets around this by asking the other client for a list of all the files in the folder and automatically downloads them. If the query fails for some reason, no files can be queued and nothing will happen. Additionally, we've decided to take a what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach with SoulseekQt. This ensures that you always know exactly what it is that you're downloading. To manually download everything in the folder, use the 'Browse Folder' context menu option. This will browse the user's files and automatically take you to the selected folder in the user's share. If you still want to download the entire contents of the folder, you can do so from the browsed share window.