Change the order of the user groups

Currently the usergroups are ordered by most recent creation. This is a thorn in the eye. Please either order them alphabetically, or stick to the creation order but let users change the order manually.
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I can certainly order them alphabetically. Added to my to do list.

Hmm, I just took a look at the configure user groups and select groups for user dialogs, and alphabetic sorting does appear to be enabled for those. Are you looking someplace else?

Nope. Those are the only places I looked, and neither is alphabetically sorted.

Can you post a screenshot?

The bottom part of the list appears sorted, but that's because I noticed the non-alphabetical order at first attempt. I removed all usergroups at that point and then re-created them in reverse-alphabetical order. The two groups at the top are not in alphabetical order because I added them later.

These actually are sorted using ASCII codes, which puts capitalized text ahead of lowercase, but maintains proper sorting within each case group. Shouldn't be too hard to change though.

Oops, right. Created a lowercase 'test' group and it got inserted in the right place. Sorry!