Automatically add user to list when download queued

If I download something from someone I'd like them automatically added to my user list. Perhaps in a group named "Downloaded from".<!--break--> If someone downloads from me perhaps add them to a group named "Downloaded from me". If we got fancy, I'd add to their Notes a what was downloaded in summary (filename if a single file, folder name if a whole folder say). And maybe two stats, the total data volume I've downloaded from them, and the total they'd downloaded from me. Just so I can keep a track of where good Karma is playing out ;-).
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That's definitely an interesting idea. When I was originally working on user groups in SoulseekQt I had the idea of forming spontaneous groups for users you come in contact with, mostly through file transfer as you mention and possibly by other means such as private chat. I completely forgot about it until you brought it up. If I do this I'll have to make sure it doesn't interfere with existing user group functionality. Maybe just have new, separate tabs for each such group. I'll see what I can get done about this in the near future.

Thanks, Nir