Transfer stats and cap

It would be nice to see some stats about Soulseek, for example how many transfers and how much bandwidth had been used that day / week / month / in total. An extension to this would be the ability to set an upper limit on the total bandwidth used in a 30 day period, to prevent Soulseek from pushing people over their monthly data allowance. In the UK at least it is common for broadband providers to set a "fair use" limit of 50/100/200 GB per month...
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Here in Canada same thing at least with Bell & Rogers, so I wouldn't mind seeing this feature also.

Would be good to have a scheduler as well, so bandwidth usage can be increased in offpeak times. The scheduler builtin to uTorrent is pretty good for comparison.

P.S. Cheers Nir! :)

My ISP caps my monthly bandwidth to 100GB/Month. $1.50/GB if I go over. I think a bandwidth counter would be handy.

God, I'm so glad my ISP doesn't put any bandwidth limits. I just checked utorrnet stats, last 31 days transfers: 377 GB :D And what about soulseek, browser downloads and streaming services, huh.

Anyway, everyone loves stats. Stats would be great.