Attributes for non-mp3 files

In search, wishlist and browse windows, it would be very nice to be able to see file attributes such as bitrate, length and encoder profile for more formats: e.g. mp4, ogg, flac, ape..
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And musepack too .

This complements the other feature request to specify file type/extension.

However, scanning of files, namely lossless ones, can be slow, depending on the format's architecture for metadata support, so either add a throttling mechanism or allow the user to disable it entirely. In fact, you should allow disabling it even for mp3.

I think that there were some efforts to create multi-format libraries capable of scanning just about anything, but I don't know any name of the top of my head. Your best best lies probably on SoX or ffmpeg projects. Additionally, you can try each format's own encoder/decoder/libray - there are only about a dozen of popular and moderately popular music formats :)