Save search results and user's files list

Is it possible to save the user's file list as a txt file and the result just like the output of windows' tree command?
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Just out of curiosity, how would you use something like that?

Someone's music collections are really great and huge, and they are not always online, so you can save their files list, i think this is usefull.

Fair enough. It is a rather exotic feature though, I'll consider adding it if there's enough interest in it.

Thanks, Nir

i second that, would be great to have this feature.

I usually use nirsoft SysExporter for save filelists to HTML, but it's not working in the new QT

I suspect SysExporter only works with native Windows controls. Qt applications use custom controls.

I would love a possibility to save the filelists too. Sometimes I have to restart slsk and each time I have to load the filelist of the same user again. Would be great that it would be saved and open with the restart, as does the autojoin function for rooms or the function to reopen the tabs of unclosed chats. and a refresh function would allow then to make sure the filelist is current. so yes, a save filelist function would be a great feature!

+1 , that would be great option!

save filelist for looking into it later when user is offline or when he/she just dont show up anymore.
ive thought alot about that..

+1. Would be very useful.

+1 too

Currently I'm working around this by taking screenshots (!!!) lol...

Come to think of it, this could serve some other purpose as well, like: you could even go printing out the screenshots and OCR'ing them in again ;-)

or you could use a video capture software and record while u scan the whole folder.. ;P

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+1 Very Useful.