New service for privileged users: Direct Search Delivery

We're happy to announce a new service for privileged users that we've been experimenting with for the last couple of weeks. If you've donated recently and have privileges time left you probably know this already, as we've notified privileged users via mass message a while ago. Dubbed Direct Search Delivery, any of your manual searches while your privileges are still active will be directly delivered by the Soulseek server to all online Soulseek users, bypassing the distributed search network entirely and providing absolute full coverage of the entire Soulseek system and much faster delivery of results. If you've used room or user list searches on a regular basis you're probably familiar with the efficiency of direct delivery. This is that on a system-wide scale. We hope that you'll enjoy this new service!

Thanks, Nir



Is this going to be available when I donate now?

Yes, we intend this to be a regular service alongside priority queuing for privileged users old and new.

Cheers, man. Does it require an $5 minimum? Just asking. Getting payayayaed tomorrow, will donate:)

Ah, yes :) privileges are given for donations of $5 or more.

Cheers, Nir

I am a privileged user and I just installed SoulseekQT so I assume I am getting the Direct Search Delivery service. But it seems like I am getting fewer search results than when I had version 157 NS 13e. Is this a result of the new service being in its early stages?

Also, and this may not be the place for this: I thought as a privileged user I went to the top of the queue for downloading, but I have been waiting all day for some music I added to my transfer list to begin downloading. Why is that?

Direct search delivery should work with both Soulseek NS and SoulseekQt if you have privileges. If you're getting less results with SoulseekQt it might have something to do with your listening port(s) not being open under SoulseekQt. Use the 'Check Ports' button under the Options->Login tab to see if they are. As to priority queuing, your downloads will not be queued ahead of those of users on the uploader's list or those of other users with privileges. That might account for you having to wait in that particular case.

I used the Check Ports button and it says my Soulseek client is configured correctly. Yet it still seems like I am getting way fewer search results with this new client. Also, there are instances where certain things show up in one search but not in another related search, where it should show up. For example, I did a search for "Mickey Champion" and within the results the song "Bam a Lam" (and the entire album it is on)appears. But when I searched for "Mickey Champion Bam a Lam" I got no results.

Hmm, you're right about that. There's a bug that prevents search results being shown in one view if they're already shown in another one. That's something I set out to fix and it just fell through the cracks. I'll add it to my to do list for next build.

Thanks, Nir

I have had priviliges in the past and want more. I can't find where to pay and sign up.
Where do I do this?

You can make a donation using the Support Soulseek button at the top-right corner of the SoulseekQt client, or if you're using Soulseek NS through the web tab. Thank you for your support!

hello, i would like to make a donation but i can't find the donate/paypal page again. when i click on view web its an empty screen, i am on NS,thanks!

I'm glad you managed to work it out :) Thank you for your support.

Cheers, Nir