Restrict upload to userlist only?

Just taken a look at the QT version after using both the original and NS versions previously.... is it possible to set this client so that all users can see your files but only users on your userlist can download files like on previous versions, and if not could we see the return of this feature please?
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I'm not sure I understand you correctly. The original Soulseek client did not let users see any files you're sharing that are not available to them.

You can set your upload slots to 0 and set your slots on userlist slots instead, thus allowing everyone to see your files but only those on your list can download.... much better than the feature on the new version to warn users sharing no files... not good, I don't want leechers hogging my slots.

click in the upload slots box and type 0, you'll see what I mean ;)

Ah :) That was not an intended feature. What you're describing is more likely to frustrate other users, as they're probably never quite sure why their downloads aren't starting. If you want to share your files with specific users, I suggest you share privately. You can always have a small, secondary public share to draw users you might have something in common with.

Well, it wasn't an intended feature but it's a good feature... I don't want users without a share downloading my files and I've no wish to warn them they're sharing nothing (which I'm sure they'll be aware of anyway) maybe I'll just have to stick with the old version, as I really don't like the new one... sorry.

I mean really, I want to be in control of what I share and with who... what about my frustration? :P

I want all my files searcheable, so that I "draw in" as many people as possible I have tastes in common with without having to keep some separate and having to cancel uploads on users who have no intention of sharing anything.

Terrible and greedy idea. Please do not impliment.

I agree. There's no danger of this one being implemented.

I was searching for that option too. that is a must!

Not going to happen, sorry.

GOOD! Some people totally misunderstand the concept of file-sharing (I just hate people who "share" and don't ever deliver, I my eyes they are the worst(ab)users of SoulSeek