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Any possibility to make Soulseek an anonymous p2p network?
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Anonymous in what way? You can already switch usernames very easily and there's no personal information associated with your account.

I think he means to use the soulseek server as a proxy to hide user IPs. Unless the soulseek server has a petabit internet connection, I doubt this idea is possible.

Carl ya that's what I meant, as there is out there p2p programs like that.

If this were possible it would be a wonderful thing.
In the meantime you can think with calm Nir ...
I can suggest to Jbones to try to use StealthNet, downloadable from here:
It 'is currently the highest of anonymity in p2p.

Like it was pointed out, there are other networks that provide higher degrees of anonymity. Unless Nir plans to go fully-decentralized and decommission the server, there's nothing he can do to realistically increase the anonymity of clients that you can't already do yourself - by trusting shady third party proxy providers ;)