priority of "sharing rules"

is it possible to prioritize the "sharing rules" such that "exclusive" rules have priority over other (not or less exclusive) rules? e.g.: i want to share c:\mp3 but not c:\mp3\x, c:\mp3\y, c:\mp3\z. when i set c:\mp3 "accessible to everyone" and the others only accessible to certain groups than the latter should have priority. at the moment i would have to share every single subfolder (except x, y, z) in c:\mp3 individually to reach the same effect.
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I don't know man, to change the meaning of a share permission to mean "shared with users of that group unless subfolder is also shared with another group to which the user doesn't belong" really muddles the whole thing. It doesn't seem reasonable to me to expect the client to do that for you when you can just move things you don't want to share with everyone to other folders.

ssX used to do this in a very clean way. Basically you can traverse your shares tree, setting permission for each directory which then automatically propagates to all children, but which can be overridden per child. You might want to have a look at that.