Minimize client to Tray

Now the client is closed absolutely even if it turn off
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yes! i really need options to minimize and close to tray
also restore SLSK from tray by clicking on pinned tab in Windows7

An option to minimize to the tray would be great. An option to close to the tray is nice, but not as important as minimizing to the tray.

when minimized to tray don't run second instance of Soulseek when click on its icon in taskbar (restore from tray instead)

This is when the application is pinned in Windows 7?

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I would like that too, slsk should be able to "run in background". I'm on Arch Linux x86_64, using xfce4.

Also, there's no tray icon, got this in the console:
QSystemTrayIcon::setVisible: No Icon set

I'd also like to have a feature to close SoulseekQt to system tray.

Try this build:

It'll go to the taskbar when you minimize it, or go to the tray if you close it. To actually quit it you need to right click the tray icon and select Quit, this is explained the first time the client is closed and goes to the tray.