Downloaded files into default root folder, not additional folders unless downloading folder.

Please revert back that all downloaded files are located in the root "complete" folder instead of downloading into the corresponding subfolder where the file is located at the source. This makes it very confusing to know which files were downloaded individually, and which were downloaded as "Download Folder".
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Many people store files in folders that do not reflect the content.

Indeed, dwd-ing WITH the corresponding subfolder where the file was located at the source makes the user spend useless more time to organize the downloaded files regarding his own criterias. And it's getting quite annoying to delete lots of folders () that sometimes contain only one file. I preffer spending that useless time by donating some $ to slsk instead. Hope to see an answer Nir. Thanks.


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that would be very nice to see!

please implement this. it surely can't involve much alteration to the code.

I have come here asking for the same thing. Please only download the file, not file plus folder (unless requesting to download folder)like it used to be....

I'll look into adding this as an option.

Oh my god, files downloading into folders is absolutely maddening. Please revert it back to old style or at least give us an option! Everything downloads into one folder and we don't have to spend hours moving files out of useless folders.

Thank you

I agree, having downloaded files sitting in newly created folders is very annoying and inconvenient. I can't see any use for this function. It also makes it very difficult to compare files length, bitrate, size etc when they are all sitting in seperate folders. This is also why I like the old style search results, so you can sort file results by bitrate. If you added this filter to the new style results then I would use them. Just my views from using the new client and thanks for your hard work so far.

Give me a day or two, I'll post a version that gives you the option of not placing single files in their own folder.

Cheers, Nir

Try this one: SoulseekQt-11-9-2012.exe. I haven't tested it extensively, but it seems to work. Be sure to check Options->File Sharing->Don't create subfolders for single downloads, and let me know if it doesn't work as expected or you run into any problems.

Thanks, Nir

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I don't like the Complete folder at all. It is created by Soulseek and unable to be changed by the user. I'd like to get my complete downloads in the folder i chose in the File Sharing tab, not in a nested one called "complete". And about the downloading folder, I'm not sure, maybe is ok, so many comments say. An option to manage this would be two text fields to set the two type of download folders: one for choosing the complete downloads and one for choosing the downloading folder.

I tried the "Don't Split files for signle download" and its not working on 1/12/2013 ...any suggestion yet about this??

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Old NS user here, just installed QT and found this problem and it seems I am not alone. Can this be re-tweeked so it does not create a folder within the download folder? Like NS did. Thanks

Try this one, there's a new option under Options->File Sharing to set the client not to use the Downloading and Complete folders:

I'm looking to release this by the end of the weekend so any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks, Nir

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Thank you very much, it works perfectly.
I see you like to improve and listen to your users. I have a couple of suggestions:
Can you make the files have the "INCOMPLETE~" again before the name, like NS had.
And can you make the program run directly minimized after start. I've made mine start with Windows, if I have something queued for DL/UP, but I have to minimize it every time.


Thank you for the feedback. I'm a little loathe to go back to the INCOMPLETE~ filename prefix system. After all, separating downloading and complete files was meant to circumvent that exactly. Perhaps the best compromise would be to have a Downloading folder, but not a Complete folder, ie put complete files in the root download folder.

As for starting the client minimized, that's a good feature idea. If you submit it as a new feature request it will allow me to better keep track of it.

Thanks, Nir

Can we get an option to completely remove the creation of subfolders, not just in the case of single files?

I have read your article and it's so helpful. Very interesting. So informative and I enjoyed reading it! Thanks for sharing it! Do more post and new article!

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