Autoignore Hyperlinked Private Messages

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Option to automatically Ignore any private messages from users not in the userlist, if those messages contain any web links; maybe with the additional option to add such users to the Ignore list automatically as well. This is a pretty low-priority request, but I'm submitting what I think of as I think of them, so when all the needed stuff is done, this. But I am tired of being spammed with links to bands I could care less about. I have yet to discover a single one that I liked, and I've clicked through from all those stupid spams.
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It's certainly an interesting idea. I'm also planning on replicating the private message controls from the original client, which let you ignore or be asked about private messages from users not on your list.

While the OP's suggestion is pretty slick, Nir's approach is a bit more encompassing and useful.

And remember that it would be trivial for the spammers to avoid using valid hyperlinks, say hxxp://, or even just, which would have the http prefix auto-appended on most if not all browsers.