Disable search results from.. MYSELF!

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Long story short. Looking for rare album, downloaded, and IT WERE mine, partially downloaded album from the semi-dead torrent... I noticed that when deleted everything, thank got there were recycle bin.
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I'll make it so that the client doesn't return search results to itself.

Thanks, Nir

Can this also please extend to the Wishlist Searches, such that the searches will not return results from myself? (sometimes I search for better-quality or other versions of files, or files with similar names to what I already have in my library, and I would like to exclude my own files from the search...) Thanks!

Yes, the code was changed so that the client won't process searches of any kind from itself. If you want to test it out, let me know which platform you're on (Windows, Mac, Linux) and I'll link to a build.

I'm on a mac, running Snow Leopard. Thanks, Nir.

Here you go: SoulseekQt-6-21-2012.dmg. This should also fix the small font size in related searches you were referencing elsewhere.

Thanks, Nir

Nir, I saw one of your responses to a question from a client in which you stated that regular slsk & slsk QT have the same server. I have both programs d/led and am using them simultaneously. Is this why I'm unable to use QT any more? I was able to use both successfully initially, but can't anymore. I can use slsk OK, but when I attempt to use QT, it prints out "local error" in red in each location where it should show each individual file as it D/Ls. It tell me I have to change the "listening port". ????

Use the 'Send this user a private message' link on my user page to private message me a TeamViewer partner ID and password and I'll take a look at what's going on over there. If you're using the same username on both clients you definitely will have problems, otherwise there's something else going on.