Stop uploading to new people, but finish queue.

It would be really great if you guys could make soulseek have the ability to stop replying to searches and stop adding new uploads to the queue. this way current uploads can finish and the current upload queue can run out. this way we dont leave anybody who is waiting in line when we go offline. it would be nice to shutdown autp after the last download and last upload have finished. thanks!
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That seems in keeping with the community vibe here - it lets you disconnect after a while without breaking anyone's download. I like it.

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Yes, that would be really nice.

Yes, add this! I hate having to cut people off in the middle of an album or something... but I have to quit the program sometime!

Good suggestion. :) Let me compare it to people in a mall before the joint closes its doors: would you kick out the ppl that managed to slip in 2 mins before closing time? You would still let them buy things, operate the cash register, and guide them outside. JUST you would not let anyone new in after closing time. :)

Right now I use a little app called AMP WinOFF that looks at incoming and/or outgoing traffic. If there's none anymore the computer will shutdown. Obviously the proposed idea is even better.

I'm planning on implementing this very soon.

So you did and it works allright. I propose to complete that function with an option to shutdown computer.

Superb addition to the client. Congratulations and thank you.

Thank you!

Just noticed that it will quit when my own download has not even finished. Not handy. So how about changing to no exit before own downloads are completed? And then, uber option to shutdown computer?

Bump for the change to NOT exit before own downloads are completed. Thanks.