Deleting Files from Transfer Queue

Hello, First off, thanks so much for developing this software. It is amazing to share music with so many great collectors! What I really enjoyed on the PC app was being able to manage the transfer queue a bit more. Could you add a delete button? This is really helpful for when you download a couple folders and one doesn't end up working (I can delete the one that doesn't function). Thanks! - Christopher
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Hi there,

I'm glad you find Soulseek useful :) SoulseekQt does support deleting downloads, either by pressing the DEL key (I understand that doesn't always work on a Mac) or via right-click context menu. To delete an entire folder download, select the download entry and do the same.

Thanks, Nir

Somehow I queued up entire collections from two users.

Is there an easy way of deleting these files in bulk as it would take me forever deleting one song at a time?

I don't know how to "select download entry" as described.


Hi Nir,

I've also had some trouble with deleting downloads, but not my downloads, other people's downloads from me. I sometimes get messages saying "whoops I accidentally downloaded the entire folder, can you delete the downloads for me?". I am unable to do this in slskQT and the old client often automatically restarts downloads when you cancel them (i've seen this lots of times), so there seems no way to stop this at present...

Hi squizza,

Why wouldn't they just delete their own downloads?

Hi Nir,

I think they have tried but slsk tries to resend / or requeue them. I've seen this quite a few times on the old client that its almost impossible to remove them in some cases - even with deleting, as (either the sender or receiver client) keeps requeuing them. It's an odd thing for sure...

If your uploading transfers were stopped (aborted) by the downloader, there is a button in the top of the Transfers window that allows the uploader to "Clear Complete and Aborted" transfers. If the upload is still in progress or queued, the workaround is to right-click on the user's name, and choose "Unshare files from User" (NIr, it really should say "unshare files TO user, shouldn't it?) on the context menu. Then, after the uploads are cleared from the queue, go to the "Users" tab, choose the "Unshared" sub-tab, right-click on the user's name and choose "Re-share files with user". I do not think that the files will automatically re-queue.

Having said that, it would be nice to have a "Remove Download" option in the context menu in the Transfers/Uploads window, similar to that in the Transfers/Downloads window, to abort or un-queue a file without banning the user.

My understanding is that the only situation in which your uploads can't easily be rid of by the downloader is when they're set to accept uploads from you. While SoulseekQt has a way of differentiating between uploads that are requested by the downloader and uploads that are initiated by the uploader, the old client doesn't. I suppose there's no real reason not to offer a 'remove upload' feature for that scenario. I also want to have SoulseekQt memorize downloads that have been explicitly removed by the user to make sure they're not queued again when the uploading client retries them.

'unshare files from user' sounds better to me than 'unshare files to user'. Roz and I talked about it and she made the point that either one seems correct, but that the two mean different things. The 'from' would apply to the 'unsharing', as if you're taking something away from the user. The 'to' would apply to the files themselves, currently being shared to the user, and that are to be unshared. We both agree that 'unshare files from user' sounds better, though I admit that either one is on the awkward side.

that makes sense now you mention it as I'm sure the only people i've had this trouble with are users on my uploads permitted list.