wishlist request not same as asked

when a requested wish list item pop in sometimes it has nothing to do with my original request for wish list... why is that happening ?
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Do the results you're getting correspond with a different wishlist entry on your list?

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short: no.

wish list search "jami macfame" got result of "c:\audio bytes\old skool shit\everlast\(1992) - house of pain - house of pain (fine malt lyrics) (x.l.)\house of pain - house of pain (fine malt lyrics) - 05 - house and the rising sun (ft. son doobie).mp3".
also the wish list search with only the very rare swedish word "radhuseffekten" has gotten false positive hits.
active wish list searches:
jami mac fame
jami macfame
jami mc fame
jami mcfame
jamie mac fame
jamie macfame
jamie mc fame
jamie mcfame
pappa hemlis
hej hallÃ¥ - from wish list log; html:"hej hallå"; input as "hej hallå" swedish keyboard layout; english system language; mac os v10.6.8
inactive wish list searches:
adam rickitt minfilesinfolder:3
ayo nytt
echelon anniversary
splish splash

Going through my downloads now, i found that i had downloaded another directory from the user who i got the above false wish list results from (actually his uname also is "who"). The files were downloaded the days around when i posted this message the first time so that downloading might have interfered with the search hits somehow.


I have experienced the same. I seem to get some results that are totally unrelated to the search term (or any other in my wishlist at times). I also have noticed that if you close the search result box within a short time of it appearing it can pop back almost immediately or very shortly again with exactly the same results. If I get any examples I'll try and post them.

here's a link to an odd search result through the wishlist search:


Definitely odd. And you haven't been running any other searches, wishlist or otherwise that might be returning these results? The issue of getting wishlist results right after you closed the window is normal. Wishlist searches are run periodically, and you might get results for them at any time. I'm making some sweeping infrastructure changes to the client right now, but I'll look into this issue when I'm done. Regardless of what's causing this perhaps the best long-term solution is for the client to make sure all search results match with your search before processing them.

I was running no manual searches. SLSK had just finished loading up when the results were returned. I also can't see any other wishlist searches that could have returned those results either, but I do have 30 or so wish list items, so I can't guarantee. Also worth noting perhaps is that this wishlist search and one other ("Curious George Keep It Going Now") both consistently return bizarre results. I also think (but wouldn't testify to this) that you put in a fix for case sensitive searching and that this problem only appeared since then... but like i say I wouldn't testify to that.

I am getting one false result for "Curious George Keep It Going Now" from one fruttaypassion, he appears to be using Nicotine, and though all those search terms appear somewhere in his share, nowhere do they appear all together. I suspect there's some kind of search processing bug in Nicotine that's causing this. I'll proceed to ensure search results match with their searches on the receiver's side. The case sensitive search fix applies to searches of other users that your own client is processing, so it probably isn't affecting this problem.

Thanks, Nir

This build: SoulseekQt-6-26-2012.exe will filter out search results that don't match the search. You can see which results get filtered out in Diagnostics->Logs->Search. By the way, did you get a chance to read the private message I sent you?

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I tried /SoulseekQT/Mac/SoulseekQt-6-26-2012.dmg (at my own URL-hacking risk) and I am now running it and trust it will solve the OP issue on Mac as well..

Also, Nir, see the update to my long post above if you're interested in a possible hint on why you need to filter locally..
Thanks for the effort.

The build you downloaded does indeed filter results that don't match your search. I assume that's what you mean by filtering locally.

Thanks, Nir

Thanks for that. I've installed the new version and await to see if the spurious results disappear. No on the private message front. slsk bombed out on me sometime late yesterday, so it may have disappeared into the ether. Chat log only shows an automated message regarding privs.

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I am getting wish list search hits from my own shares: wish list search "guldmedalj" returns one file from my username vike9000 and my SoulseekQt downloads (which i share).
I do also share that path from "ssX" (despite criticized UI, an eminent but RIP mac client by c.schleifer) as user vike7000 and if that file would've come up i'd say nothing (and perhaps ban myself hehe) but actually that does not come up (the eminent app has some issues - perhaps related to the NewServer)..

I'm confused. Are you getting results from the SoulseekQt client on the SoulseekQt client? That should not happen on build 6/26.

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Yeah, sorry, that was on the earlier version - i mentioned it over-eagerly apropos, thinking it needed separate attention, but you had already caught that in the 6/26 build then - good job :)