"Download folder" not working properly

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Hello! I usually search for "artist nfo" as a first option in order to track down scene releases. If none are found, I drop the "nfo" part. The thing is though, whenever I get matches for say "bob marley nfo", and attempt to "Download folder", SoulseekQt only downloads the .nfo file and not the actual folder. This problem did not exist in the old Soulseek. Thank you so much for listening!
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See this post for information about this issue.

Thanks, Nir

So you seriously think this was a good idea to implement it that way?

WHAT you actually did is now force us to re-browse the user in question, then re-skim his folders to find the correct one and get the whole folder. To me it has become extremely cumbersome now. Hell with WYSIWYG, if it takes so much additional time. Then I'd better have the old solution back. Because the new one is a regression by several levels and not an inch of improvement, IMHO.