Empty share warnings, fixes and more

One of the most oft requested features over the years, and one I've always resisted strongly is that of automatically banning users who aren't visibly sharing anything from one's download queue. I have no desire to repeat the many fine points that have been raised time and time again on either side of the argument in a multitude of discussions here and on our original forum. Suffice it to say that I understand that Soulseek relies on openness, on the willingness of its users to share the things that they love with those around them. Many don't see it as a matter of strict give-and-take, and are happy to share what they have with all and sundry. Others are justifiably angered that some of those who are benefiting from their kindness aren't in turn doing their part to support this system of exchange, and who could blame them. Still, outright banning has always struck me as too harsh a measure in this case. As I've said many times before, there are many different reasons someone who is downloading from you doesn't appear to be sharing anything. And though they all vary in degrees of offense, they all share one basic trait: outright banning isn't going to do anything to better the overall situation. Perhaps someone is sharing privately and hasn't gotten around to adding you to their list yet. Or more likely, someone hasn't been on the system long enough that it had occurred to them they really should share if they intend to download from others. Whatever the case may be, there seems to be no scenario where simply saying something to the user isn't the better alternative. And for that purpose I've implemented an automatic empty share warning mechanism in tonight's build. Set your desired message under Options->General, check the 'Send warning message to downloading users with empty shares' option, and your client will attempt to browse every downloading user in the background, and send them your message each time it comes up empty. You can keep track of which users have had the message sent to them under the Diagnostics->Logs->Shared tab.

Additional fixes and changes:

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevents uploads from starting.
  • Manual 'Retry Download' option. Do be advised that uploads are automatically retried periodically.
  • Show online status for upload users.
  • Private room operators and owners are now marked in the room user list in bold and underline, respectively.
  • Fixed a bug that shortens messages in the chat log if they contain international characters.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevents the client from reconnecting after a disconnect from the server.
  • Upload place in line is now returned to downloading users.
  • Fixed a crash bug on Mac and Linux when files or folders with the same name but different capitalization are shared.

Links are on the download page.

Thanks, Nir



thanks Nir, that's awesome!

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Thanks for this -- particularly the place-in-line fix which plays a major factor in helping streamline the obscene amount of time I spend using Soulseek what with all the people I d/l from with huge queues. :)

Seriously though, thanks a ton for continuing to develop Soulseek, and an extra special thanks for developing this new and routinely updated client.

Thank you for the kind word! people like you are why I love working on Soulseek :)

I TRULY LOVE how smooooth a QT download is. It's SOOOO much nicer than the regular slsk! Thanks much for all your hard work! I'm not sure if it's a new policy or not, but I'm only able to d/l ONE cd at a time with this program, but that's how it's been working for me. when I attempt to d/l more than one, I'm bounced off-line. I guess I'd like to get more than one at a time.

Just signed up again to soulseek after a very long time.
I installed the application, but I can't see it on my desktop.
I have no idea of what to do and how to launch it. It was quite easier before.
Please I very much appreciate your help of what to do to get the application running.


You should be able to find it through the Start menu, in your Programs list look for SoulseekQt.

I've been a SS user for over a decade. I still think there should be an auto-ban feature for those not sharing files. Today, someone must've recieved the automatic message that encourages people to share. The reply I received was something along the lines of, "Eat a dick, bitch!" Classy!

Now, I realize that there are probably a couple individuals that pay for priveleges and don't share any files. That is the only justification I can see for the admin to not include an auto-ban feature. However, I'm guessing those users are a VERY small minority. If someone is refusing to share, it's highly unlikely that they would pay to use SS. Saying that auto-ban is simply "too harsh" seems like pretty weak reasoning. If others are are perfectly happy to allow leeches to download from them, that is fine. I just wish I had the option of auto-ban for me personally. Seems like it would just be left up to the user as to whether or not they wanted to employ the feature.

Regarding auto-ban. Isn't there somone who knows how, that could write a patch/plugin to allow 'auto-ban' if wanted. I do take Nir's (may he ever prosper!) altruistic point but it would still be nice to have this option. Along the same lines it would be good to have access to a 'public' data base of 'Users' that repeatedly do not share or are otherwise offensive & a way of adding to this list to show how many times a non-sharer has attempted downloads. Pehaps a Room could be opened for this pupose. I also have been subjected to the "Eat a dick, bitch!" messages (and I'm not even a bitch!)

Nir, thank you. You vision has always been the key-core of my beliefs, of my usage of Soulseek and Ethic in general behave in day-to-day life. You're a true master, and I'm proud this vision and governmentship exist. Soulless, now SoulseekQT is fabulous, the principle you describe is, to me, the highest standard accessible to users, and by extension, to mankind. Bravo. ∞ Love, ∞ Gratitude for you, your work, your spreading. May that message to be delivered Worldwide. Thank you. (Axel Tschiember, user since around 2002).