Alphabetical sorting of files only works occasionally

Hi, I've figured out that even the new "data loss fix" release does not reliably sort files alphabetically. Usually when SlskQt is already running, and you browse a user, alphabetical sorting of files (which is mandatory if users have 500 files per folder) usually does NOT work. Files are sorted completely randomly. (or perhaps not sorted at all) BUT if I restart Slsk, and repeat the browsing, sorting works. So in summary, if sorting is broken and you do want sorting, you have to restart the client for this to work. Think of A-Z files, 500 in one folder. Usually, to not annoy the user, you would download A-B, then C-D ... and so on. But if sorting is so messed up, this can get a nightmare.
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Yes, this is something I need to fix. Thank you for pointing it out.

You're welcome. I'd like to return the thanks for the new client version (and apologies that my post came too late, because the fix could have been included in the new release!), and I'm looking forward to testing out the fixed version.

I'll post a fix here as soon as I have it ready. I should be able to do it within the next couple of days.