Ability to edit wishlist entries

In SoulseekNS it is very hard to make wishlist entries more precise - a user should create new entry without even help of copy/paste.
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Yeah, it would be nice if selecting a Wishlist entry automatically pasted that entry into the text field, and if there were Add/Change/Remove buttons next to it to the add a new entry, change the selected entry, or remove it.

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Agreed, i want it too.

Me too.

That shouldn't be too hard to do, I'll try to get it done by the next build.

It appears wishlist editing is working.

When you've highlighted a line in the Wish List Search panel (the list on the right side of the Wish List Searches tab), you can double-click or press F2, and modify the entry as needed. You can also right-click or press the context menu key to get options to immediately do a manual search, toggle showing of repeat results, or remove the entry.

If you choose manual search, it will start the search and switch you to the Manual Searches tab, where you can press Re-enter Search (at the top of the screen) to make it appear in the text box.

So this feature request can probably be marked Done, unless I'm overlooking or misunderstanding something.

Thanks micro, I'll mark it as done.

I agree that editing wishlist is a spine breaking task in SSQ. Fortunately, from ninjaessay I got the information that there is a new add-on which made it easy. I landed here and found this amazing post which literally changed my view on editing my wishlist. It is now easy and one doesn't have to do much.