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Currently, search results only let you select one result. The previous windows version allowed to select many results. This is an important feature, it's very tedious having to go one by one. I'm on MacOSX Snow Leopard. (PS: What are there "Show Fivestar" radio buttons below this textarea? The first radio says N/A and the others doesn't have labels.)
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In Windows, when viewing search results, shift-click and ctrl-click work as expected to select ranges and multiple individual results. When you go the context menu for any one of the selected items, you can choose Download File(s) or Download Folder(s) and it works as expected, applying to all the selected files. Browse Folder only applies to the selected item's user...not sure if that's ideal or not.

Is this behaving differently on Mac OS X?

No idea re: the weird buttons in this forum. :)