I have used soulseek on this computer and up to the other night it has run smoothly. But as of late it starts to not respond and then it does a error. A box comes up and it says run time error - abnormal program termination and when you click ok it shuts down completely. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and each time it does the same thing. Any ideas
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Is this with SoulseekQt?

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I have sometimes a similar problem. to start proogramm have to remove the configuration file. but it is inconvenient. because that will again look for all downloads, there are quite a rare thing.

Do not make the client configuration stored in the program itself, but only in the user profile cache.

What happens if you don't remove the configuration file?

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if you do not delete the client, or trying to start a long and close, or closes immediately.
in some cases, an error appears visual c runtame error. but I can not remember exactly.

it was a few times. not often but occasionally happens. soulseek or does not start until you delete the file config, or is it happening when he goes into the pattern during the work.