Soulseek Invisible?

i cannot understand this, and can't find anyone else with the same problem, but when I open soulseek i can see it for a sec then it vanishes... it's in the task bar, the system tray, but invisible.
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Is this with SoulseekQt or with SoulseekNS?

SoulseekQT. i have reinstalled older builds where this wasn't a problem, yet it remains. SoulseekNS works fine though.

See if you can find a file called soulseek-client.dat on your computer, it should be in your user application data folder (On Windows 7 that's c:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local). If you can't find it I recommend Search Everything. This is your client's configuration data file. I suspect the window position information went out of bounds somehow and would like to take a look at it if you don't mind. There's a Send File link on my user page you can use for that.

Thanks, Nir

Aye cheers, sent that on to ya there, I'm gonna try reinstalling after deleting that file and see how that works out for, had a suspicion it was something to do with that alright.

I have the same problem since today, only on the NS server. Is there a comparable file to delete for solving the problem? (btw, I made a new account, because the system didn't seem to recognize my own username haan-z).