Automatic reconnect

Automatically reconnect to the Soulseek server after an unexpected disconnection.
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There's nothing more annoying than waiting in queue for ages, finally the transfers start, and for whatever reason you disconnect, but don't realize it, and you lose the opportunity to download the files.

This is a very important feature.

As of yet this doesn't seem to be working. If put my computer to sleep, then start it again, I stay disconnected; I have to flip between away/available in order to truly reconnect.

(The tricky thing is that it looks like I'm connected, as I can see a list of peers in the rooms etcetera. But upon switching between away/available the room list suddenly refreshes, and from within another client I can also see that my Qt account isn't really online before that.)

It sounds like the OS doesn't recognize that the connection is dead, probably due to a lack of immediate activity between the client and the server. I've noticed this is much more of an issue on Linux than it is on Windows (not sure about OSX). The client does send a periodical keepalive to the server, so the connection should eventually be detected as dead.

Oh right, I forgot to mention I'm on OS X. Will mention that in the future. :)