Add/Rename Targetfile Folder

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I would like to see the option in the search/wishlist/browse user's files results context menu to rename the targetfiles' parent folder in the downloads folder at time of queueing, prior to downloading - this would finally solve the problem of grabbing ## - titles.mp3\album\artist\... files only to discover the files are not tagged and then trying to figure out who the artist is... as users could rename the folder to include all that info and retag later as necessary. Also, for results whose users have gone offline, it would be nice to see the option to Add a parent folder to the selected files' targetfiles in the downloads folder, since Soulseek presently won't allow you to queue entire folders from offline users.
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I'm after the same feature as an option in the right click menu on the search and wish list tabs. This appeared as 'download folder as' in Nicotine+ (which I used before I knew about Qt) and is the only feature I miss from that client (can't say I miss the download/browsing issues...). Selecting 'download folder as' would bring up the folder's current name as a template so you could easily cut and paste bits around to suit your own naming conventions.