Dangerous bug, causing a whole file tree to get queued for download sometimes

Hey there, the "data loss" issue is gone so let's now discuss this problem in a fresh new ticket. Nir, that bug with the whole file tree to get downloaded is still present, and I wish I could tell you steps to reproduce. But in fact I can only give you faint ideas where to look... I'll try to describe: you have one user's share open in "Browse", and another user's share in "Browse". You browse this share as you usually do. But when clicking through the share, you suddenly notice that the CPU goes on high load and that the mouse gets unresponsive for a moment. In a haste, you switch to "Transfers", look in your Download Tab and just as if by magic, from the user, a *WHOLE* huge tree has been queued for download! The reason why you can easily risk an instant BAN for this behavior that way does not need any further explanation. Currently, I use the "pull-the-plug" method, disconnect myself immediately, delete all, then reconnect. Or if I get a ban, I apologize to the user that I'm on SoulseekQt Linux data loss fix ( = still alpha/beta) and that these things may happen. Though many show understanding, some rather rougher folks may not (or they may not even speak your language well enough so you can't let them know). It really escapes me what is causing this.
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Hi monsieurX,

Are you perhaps double-clicking at any point to open or collapse folders? Double-clicking is programmed to download an entire folder and all of its contents. I can try building you a version that disables that bit of functionality just to see if it's making a difference. I'll go back to the code and see where else downloading can occur from within a share. There really shouldn't be too many places where that can happen.

Thanks, Nir

YIKES!! Yes that's what I did! Just because I was too lazy to always "hunt down" the little arrow, as my "method" did not require so much exactness in positioning the mouse. I would just double click the folder name on the LEFT (!) side of the pane and expect (!) to toggle open/collapse that way. But the fact that it would also trigger a download has been unknown to me so far. Thanks for the warning. (grin) Yes I would actually prefer this to be optional, so that it can be turned off. Because it can do too much mischief (as described above), especially if you think that it's just an alternative way to expand/collapse a folder.

Downloading whole folders (read: whole FILE TREES) should really be a controlled feature and only be possible via button bar above. Whilst this would be great for single files (note: this only works on searches for now, not yet on browsed shares)

Or when double-clicking, give us at least a warning ("Download whole folder? (Y/N)") so that we know about the stupid things we're about to do. (lol)

I'll add a warning in case you're about to download a large number of files. I think 30 or more would be a good threshold.

Cheers, Nir

Yeah, that would do the trick. Thanks for considering the implementation of this warning.

hey Nir, loooong time slsk user, just getting on the qt train. I have to second this thread, I just realized that I'm getting huge download queues because I'm trying to expand some folder tree with a double click! Very bothersome, but now that I'm aware I'll be more careful. Otherwise I'm mostly diggin the new client. good work!
PS- grumbling cuz in my extended absense someone stole my user name that I've had since oh, 2000! soulid. now representing as ogsoulid! Until I can steal it back...


I will join in on this chorus - it happened to me again yesterday. In many softwares, double-clicking on a folder will expand or open that folder (Mac's Finder, for example) Every now and again, my clicking finger is on auto-pilot, and I accidentally double-click on the little arrow to expand a folder during a browse, and end up queuing the entire folder, which (may or may not) contain numerous files! (How embarrassing) There should be some warning or other safeguard from doing this....

Yeah, I can certainly see why this would be a problem. I'll make it so double-clicking a folder no longer triggers a download.

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Thanks Nir, I like the idea of double clicking not triggering the download - rock on!