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Hi Nir! First of all, thank you very much for all these years you have dedicated to Soulseek, it's very impressive how much knowledge and cultural heritage has been transmitted thanks to your software! I am trying the new client and I have spotted a couple features/bugs that I would love to see fixed. In the previous client, it was possible to see the amount of files shared by a user from the user list. That way I could see how many files each of the users on my list were sharing. That functionality is gone now, and I would love to see it back. The other is a bug related to the Spanish language: 1) I cannot add accents to words in the chat (like this á ) 2) When a file contains a word with accent, or the letter ñ, the list displays a dummy character. I hope you have a great week! Cheers! Hernán.
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Hi Hernán,

Thank you for the kind word. Ideally each feature request should be submitted individually so users can vote on it and discuss it in the same manner. The first feature you discuss was requested here: Show number of shared files in user list. As to 1) and 2), I assume you're talking about file transfer and not chat. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Your own files should be shared properly if they contain international characters. Are you talking about files shared by other users? If so they are probably using the original Soulseek client, which is incapable of properly processing international characters.

Thanks, Nir