We should know about if we're banned (if the other user is on the old client)

Hi, currently I have this kind of situation. I've just read "aborted" here, which could just mean "network problems" but since you abandoned the banning functionality in SoulseekQt, it could mean *both*: - "aborted" could mean a network problem or download timeout, or whatever - it could as well mean that the other user aborted the download from his side by setting a ban Currently, we always have to guess whether it's a "real" ban or just a network issue, because SoulseekQt will no longer make a difference between that. That's why I'd like to know if I get banned. The majority of users is still on the old client, and to know if I was banned, I will have to run the old client everytime (resp. via WINE on Linux) to know if I was banned. (Because I'd like to refrain from stupidly asking that question by sending a message to the user everytime)
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I thought the client did let you know. I'll have to test for this.

This would be very nice, thanks. Please keep me (or us) posted.

No need anymore, tested it, In fact I do get a red "banned" whenever this unpleasant action has taken place.
HOWEVER this only applies for *very* current clients, I have a faint suspicion that it doesn't yet work too reliably on the Jan 11 2012 client. (Though I might be wrong.) At least I can deem it to be fully working on the current dev Linux build. Good work!

I don't know what's happening, but every folder I request is coming out in RED print: either banned, aborted, or local error. Some of them start out fine (in blue) but then the connection goes offline. I thought it may be a winsock error, which I was able to correct the last time this was happening. This time, I'm unable to fix it, so I'm stuck.

Is this happening with the original Soulseek client as well?

No I'm not having that problem w/ regular slsk, which is why I've only been able to use the regular slsk lately. I've checked back w/ QT to see if that problem has, by some miracle, resolved itself, but it hasn't. What should I do???

Are you sharing anything on SoulseekQt? A lot of users will ban you if you're not sharing anything.

I initially didn't know how to set it up so that I could share my folders w/ others. I put the info in the best I could for my sharing folder. It seemed to happen all at once. Would it happen that way if different people were blocking me? I'll try again right now & see what happens. I'll let you know.

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comes a time when profitability is not fixes for compatibility with older versions. Is not it easier to abandon the old client and forbid him to login. still it is not supported, as a new client in functionality to it almost does not concede?

I logged into slskQT and made some requests in the search function. I clicked on a few files/folders thet came up. I got a message that stated "Login failed. Reported failure reason: socket error. Please change your login settings in the Options tab and try reconnecting... What do you think?

It seems like you're having an unusually high number of problems with SoulseekQt. Maybe the best thing to do at this point is revert back to the original Soulseek client and try SoulseekQt again in six month to a year.

I've been using the regular soulseek exclusively, as QT and I don't seem to get along.What do you think I'm doing wrong? It must be something I'm doing wrong, so if it's a problem now wouldn't it be the same problem at a latter date? How would waiting 6 to 12 months help?

There's no guarantee that it'll be different in six months to a year, but SoulseekQt is still being very heavily developed, so if there's a problem with the client there's a good chance it will eventually be fixed. Tell you what, I can take another look at your computer if you want to set TeamViewer up again. I enabled private messaging on the site so you don't have to post the login information publicly. Use the 'send private message' option on my user page.

Let's hope you find a solution!