Option to get Downloads+Uploads as one split window (like in the old days)

Hi, this is one of the downers of the new client: always having to switch tabs back & forth between Downloads and Uploads. The old client sported a split window with downloads on the upper part, and uploads on the lower, and that was much better. Perhaps a couple of folks here may even like the new way; but there should be a way to choose between the tab solution and the older split-window one. (IMHO)
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Would having a global indicator to show when the client is actively downloading or uploading address your need in this case?

No, because it's rather about monitoring downloads AND uploads *at the same time* without having to switch tabs in contrary to the other issue you described that I might want to get alerted in any way.

But WAIT...there might be another solution to this.
What about making the "Downloads" and "Uploads" able to get UNDOCKED so they can be shown as two independent windows? That would be more than sufficient for me. So to have "Uploads" (1), "Downloads" (2) and SlskQt main window (3). I could "artificially" make me a split view then, just by means of putting one window below the other. ;)

I'd really like this as well. I like being able to see both happening at the same time, not having to toggle. This could be a user choice if that's easier, but I liked the split screen.

Try this one: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lw81cmufvyzsao6/SoulseekQt-2014-3-11.exe

There's a toggle under Options->UI that lets you place downloads and uploads in the same tab.

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please, it must remember last setup after program restart. its annoying to set up size and "expand" options every single time

The nightly build I'll post later today should have the splitter position and expand options memorized between sessions.

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great! thanks!