Rename download subfolder if it already exists

when downloading dvds, which has video_ts folder, it's easy to have downloads with the same name. Qtsoulseek mix them making dvds not playable. I guess it should rename folders automatically to allow multiple downloads or downloading also the parent folder of video_ts that most the time is labeled with the name of the dvd. hope it get fixed soon. thanks beforehand.
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I believe SoulseekQt will create the parent folder if it's downloaded from the share browse (the 'Browse Folder' context menu option for search results will take you straight to the location of the folder in the user's share as soon as it loads). That said, I certainly agree that new downloads to identically named folders should be placed in renamed folders. It's somewhat tricky to implement, but I'll try to do this when I have the time.

I sometimes download (dvd) video, that are always contained in VIDEO_TS folders. It becomes problematic when trying to download more than one dvd video file at the same time. Again I had this problem where, because of the duplicate folder name, video #2 was appended onto video #1, because both were contained in a VIDEO_TS folder... When encountering a duplicate like this, is it possible for slskQT to rename the folder in both the Downloading and Complete folder, thereby avoiding the conflict? (perhaps using a "[1]" after the duplicate folder name or some other naming convention?) Thanks.