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It is a very small issue, I admit... but it would be really great if Soulseek would remember any resizing done to its window after closing the program. I am very nit-picky about my window placement on the desktop, and it is a little frustrating to have to manually resize the window every time I start up the client. Thanks for your time!
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would be very useful it it could remember window and columns position and size

This is driving me nuts also :) Thanks Nir!

Remembering resize settings is literally next on my list after I'm done testing threaded file transfer.

It doesn't seem to remember that I like to have the window maximised... any chance you could fix this?

Love the new file filters on the latest build :)

I'll see what I can do.

Thanks, Nir

The comments are nearly a year old and one of Nir's was "it is literally next on my list". Hm. It is still not implemented...

Are you referring to the maximized window problem? The client does memorize the main window's position/size and most column size settings.

Yes, I am. If the client gets minimized to the taskbar, it doesn't come back maximized even when it was before. This is Windows 7.

not sure what happened but the problem still persists. with the old slsk ns-client, i had to restore the window size before closing cause thats the only thing it remembered, because when i closed slsk on maximized and restarted it, instead of being maximized, it was just resized to fit the screen. now wit qt, it doesnt even remember that. if i close it in restored mode, its gonna remember it once, after that it will start in max size - not maximized!. the difference is, if you accidentally drag the title bar, the whole window moves - in maximized you cant move the window. can you please fix that?

I'll look into it.

Thanks, Nir

This appears to be a new bug in Qt 5:

Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Thanks, Nir