Soulseek freezes when under Windows using a NAS

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Hallo All, When i use SoulseekQT with a Network disk it won't accept it or with a vitual drive letter it freezes. Is there a solution for this? Thanks in advance, Willem O.
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I can't test for this since I don't have a NAS drive in my possession. I'll try to get my hands on one, by until then I fear I am unable to look into this problem.

At what point exactly in the user interface process does it freeze? Maybe I can find some information about an incompatibility between a Qt component and NAS online.

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Hello Nir,

When i add the NAS path to the shared folders it does not accept it.
That is it accepts the entry but it does not show up in de shared directory's.
When i make a virtual driveletter for it it freezes at the moment of typing enter at the shared directory's.
Maybe it's just Soulseek scanning the NAS, but i can't tell because i get no more information then a frozen situation... And it does so with the regular version of Soulseek too.

Kind regards,
Willem ouwerkerk.

Hello Willem,

I'm currently testing with a NAS. And I believe SoulSeek is only taking a lot of time to scan the folder I shared.
I'll get back to you as soon as this is done.

Willem O

I'm currently going through the same issue. However when logging into my NAS I noticed heavy CPU activity, which can only be explained by SoulSeek's connection.
I'm going to let SoulSeek run as long as I can, and i'll get back to you with the result.

See the last post in this thread for information about the difficulties SoulseekQt and Qt in general has with NAS.