Keyboard shortcuts

Can we have some keyboard shortcuts for navigation please? Perhaps Control and 1 to 8 to change tab, Control and L to jump to the search bar, Control and F to jump to the filter? I'm sure others have common tasks they'd find shortcuts handy for.
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Oh, yes, PLEASE!

I'm missing these so much with the new client. For example, think of a user who has all files in same folder. It's a true nightmare to click 40 times with your mouse on each file of interest.

It would be way better to have space bar or enter key to toggle "do download / do not download" with each file.
Remember, especially we Linuxers do not have that same mouse-clicking fetish as the Windozers. :P

So are you requesting keyboard shortcuts or multiple selection?

Actually yes, I did request multiple selection, but as this may take time to conceive / implement, the keyboard way would be sufficient for now. Because as soon as your time schedule turns to get real tight again, things like multi-selection might take until this year's fall, whilst the keyboard shortcut thing could be finished in one weekend and maybe even in early summer. So it's better to have a more humble solution than none at all for several months. :)

I instinctively hit Ctrl+F to jump to a search box. It would be nice if this worked in SoulseekQt, like in the chat log windows.

A related comment in the regular forum: (blind user disappointed that SoulseekQt has no shortcuts).

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