Wishlist of several basic things.

(I'm using the Linux client, no idea whether the Windoze version got more features or is identical) Hey there, before I request anything of the "bells-and-whistles" kind, I'd like to request some rather basic everyday stuff first. Such as: (1) REFRESH my own share. Currently I seemingly have to go the unshare/reshare way. Even adding myself as a user and browsing myself does never show me how my current share looks like: it looks like my share looked like some hours ago. (2) *Manually* purge my finished downloads like in 156/157 in a one-click fashion, but when *I* decide to do so. That is: let finished downloads accumulate up to a certain extent, __check them__ with my own eyes, and THEN purge them. Instead, slsk currently performs some sort of finished-download cleanup as well, but does a sort of "insta-purge" (i. e. purging every download *immediately* after finishing it, so I can't check anything when I left slsk unattended and come home after some hours) P.S. It's absolutely UNCLEAR whether "Remove download" is only for removing the entry from the list or really physically (!) deleting a file. (3) SORTING of file lists. Currently, it's neither possible to sort for username, nor for filename, nor for filesize or whatever else. (4) Download "ranges" by multiple selection of "blocks." For instance, think of audio book guys who have Disc 1, Disc 2 Disc 3 and Disc 4 sorted correctly but all in the SAME folder, so not every disc in a separate folder. "Download folder" would be out of the question, as many will only allow ONE disc to be d/l'ed simultaneously (which is a prudent decision), so all I can do is select every file manually, click by click. Thanks for reading and for considering at least 2 of my "wishlist items."
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Hi there,

Please submit feature requests individually so that they can be voted on and discussed in the same manner. Or if you wish to discuss feature requests less formally, a forum topic might be better suited. This post will eventually be removed.

1) When Options->File Sharing is in focus, you should get a 'Rescan Shares' in the action bar at the top.
2) Downloads are cleared from the list only if 'Clear Complete Downloads' is checked. To clear complete downloads manually, use the 'Clear Complete' button in the action bar.
3) I see you've also posted about this in the corresponding topic. I'd like to point out that you don't actually have to keep retyping the same filters as you can save them and select them from the dropdown list. I do agree however that filters don't yet do everything they should. You cited the example of looking for audiobooks. If the filtering mechanism supported logical ORing and not just ANDing, you'd be able to have a saved filter for the file types you're seeking the audiobooks in, for example. I know sorting by any of the fields can address certain corner cases better than filters could, but I feel that the way search results are presented right now is more convenient in the majority of cases. I'm not taking different forms of grouping off the table, but it's not going to happen very soon.
4) I can definitely see the use for that. I'll get it done sometime soon.

Thanks, Nir

'Clear Complete Downloads' is working, but checking 'Clear Complete/Aborted Uploads' has no effect.
Maybe you can see into that.

The setting does work, but it won't remove uploads right away. Instead it waits five minutes after each transfer's last status change to allow the user to re-queue the upload if necessary.

Thanks Nir for the speedy reply.
Well, I thought it would be something similar to spamming by hacking in 4 separate threads at the same time, that's why I wanted to keep them

Thanks for "Clear Complete." (D'oh!!)

And thanks for "Rescan shares". I should really start making a "Cookbook for 156/157 users using SoulseekQt" so that we find stuff more easily in the new version. ;-) Mind you, the new method with the command hidden away in the Options was probably not too intuitive, since I was literally searching around for 10 minutes and then gave up. As some other user wrote, context menus are INVALUABLE. Nothing beats them. Ever. :P