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Hi, I can't seem to login, i've tried to change passwords a couple of times but i cant login to the slsk client. Has anybody experienced similar problems?
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Try now, I cleared the IP ban cache. Please let me know if this changes your situation.

Thanks, Nir

hi, since this morning i get this error message:
"Login failed. Reported failure reason: socket error. Please change your login settings in the Options tab and try reconnecting."
no mather what client or username i use to connect.
i saw you wrote that you cleared the ip ban cache. can you check for mine cause i don't understand what's going on.
thanks in advance for your help.

YES, I was able to change my password & enter, but now I can't get into the room where I can share music! How do I get there? What am I missing? It's driving me nuts!!!

It's possible your ISP is messing with your Soulseek functionality. Do you have the same problem with the original Soulseek client?

I just created an account for the Slsk Qt, and can't login in, either. I am able to login through my PC, but I'm switching over to Mac and can't login using the Mac.

Do you get any kind of error message? How do you go about trying to log in?

My solution in MAC Client just use your mail account in username and you can connect :)

i have the same problem soulseek client and on soulseekqt too

I am unable to log in using my account information. It reads that my password does not match my username. Frustrating.

Using my email account solved the problem....now if I can only stop it from crashing everytime I search something...

Is it crashing in SoulseekQt?

, tengo soulseek para linux y no lo puedo abrir me dice : login failed..

Have you used SoulseekQt successfully on Linux before or is this something that just started? Are you able to connect to Soulseek using any other clients and/or operating systems?

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i cannot login either. first time the trick with email worked.in the mean time i did a clean install on a new sad and now nothing works. is web account connected to soulseek account because i can login here (obviously) but software will not let me login

same here...I can't login or change anything on my mac OS10.7.5 either. Port is working correctly.
Half of the text is unreadable in the panel, i can't add folders...Did you guys actually check this on a mac?
It feels really bad :)

Yeah, I make sure that the client starts properly with every release. I'm using Snow Leopard on a Hackintosh (can't get Mountain Lion to work properly), so I hope it's not a compatibility issue. Can you post a screenshot of this?

same here. I can not login either connect to soulseek. Actually I don't know how to register, it was much easier in the older versions!

I'm using SoulseekNS with the name 90-809 and it disconnected and when I went back I now can't log in with that name. Can anyone with access to the database please recycle the name so I can use it again?

Tried to log-in, am also getting message that password does not match. Changed it several times and installed several versions 0f QT. No difference.

Fokker: Did you get a message telling you that your account was used to log in on another computer?

Blunderbuss: When was the last time you logged in successfully?

Yes, It said "Login failed, maybe this username is already taken" or something like that, but mine was the only PC I used to use the 90-809 account.

Will anyone be able to reset the password or will I just have to wait the 30 day grace period before I can use it again?

Ever and ever cannot log in to soulseek, neither with the old nor with the new soulseek-client. Error message: 'Login failed. Reported failure reason: socket error. Please change your login settings in the Options tab and try connecting'

Although I never change any settings I can login from time to time. But often I cannot login for hours.

See this thread.

Thanks, Nir

Hello, I've changed by the new SoulSeek, and is giving me a lot of problems, I create an account, to which I can access through the browser, but not with SoulSeek, tells me wrong password and will not let me switch users to be created one, not even uninstall it worked, could you please help me?

When viewing Options->Login, use the Change Username/Password button at the top.

I am also experiencing the login issue: I can login successfully using my email address, but not my username. Everything else works perfectly.

I have tried multiple reboots and password changes. It is unacceptable to have my email address publicly available in other users' search results and chat logs.

Does this website and the Soulseek service use the same username database? If not, that may explain the issue, i.e. someone else owns my username on Soulseek, even though I can login here using it.

Mac running OS X 10.8.2 and the latest version of SoulseekQT.

Any help would be appreciated, cheers.

Yeah, the website and Soulseek use different databases. Your username normally clears after 30 days of disuse after which another user can register it.

When I downloaded the new version of the program I went to log in..I put wrong password in 2xs..it keeps telling me to go to options to change my user name and or password but I am unable to change anything in that window. Please HELP!!! :(

To change your password, go to Options->Login and use the Change Username/Password button at the top.

Cheers, Nir

I was able to change things.Thank you, Nir!!!

This problem persists with me on Linux, using SoulseekQt. On Windows, I use the old version and work just fine.

i have the same problem.. :/
can`t log in.

Yes right now :(

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I'm having the same problem, I have tried changing my password and logging in again but the login failure window keeps popping up every time I try to use the program.

Same problem. Just created a new account (stopped using QT some couple of years ago), install QT on my new windows 8. Can run QT but cannot login.

Heey I've got the same problem....can't log in

in the past we used to be able to create a new username/password with every log in, what's up with that??

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I've been having really weird problems too. It won't let me login with my username, but it will let me login with my email. However I didn't want to use my main email as my username so I changed my email to a secondary one. However even after changing it it will only let me login with the old email...

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Hi guys, i can log in with my email but not with my username.

Now instead of my username my email is displayed, which i find to be a bad situation.

Anyone knows how to fix this ? I am using the soulseekqt client on linux.

I'm having the same login in problems. Can login in via the website but not through the qt client! I wonder is it a platform issue? On the latest crappy version of windows at home but works fine on version in work :|

Getting this message:

IP: Port: 52031/tcp CLOSED. Your router and/or Soulseek client needs to be configured correctly.

You may want to check this list of port forwarding guides for instructions specific to your router model.

Don't forget that you need to restart your client if you modify your listening port.

Unfortunately I'm not technologically evolved enough to understand a word of it. Oh well, guess I'm no loss to the online community I suppose!

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Hi, I can't seem to login, i've tried to change passwords a couple of times but i cant login to the slsk client.
Yesterday it was possible ; i Download the lastest version (march) and i've windows 7

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Hi, I can't seem to login, i've tried to change passwords a couple of times but i cant login to the slsk client.
Yesterday it was possible ; i Download the lastest version (march) and i've windows 7

I can't login either. Socket error. Problem only with SlskQT. SlskNS is ok.

Does it work if you change the server port from 80? I'm gonna post a version that comes with a different default later today.

Nope :(

I just made a new account but i cant login to soulseek. What am i doing wrong?


nevermind, problem solved! i am so happy now :)