Private rooms, odds and ends

The biggest feature in today's release, if not the most useful for the majority of users, is private room support. No longer do you have to switch back to Soulseek NS to accept private room invitations or to administer your private rooms! At least assuming everything works as it should, which I've only managed to verify insofar that two of my usernames were able to invite each other to and inevitably abandon "bs room 1" through "bs room 17". While private rooms appear in the room list in much the same fashion as they do in Soulseek NS, and the addition and removal of members and operators is still done very similarly via context menus, there are a few operations that are relegated to context-specific buttons in the action bar which I expect will generate some confusion initially. To accept private room invites, set focus to the room list and use the 'Accept Private Room Invitations' button. Membership or ownership to private rooms is forfeited with action buttons that appear when the corresponding room view is in focus.

Also, a plethora of improvements, fixes and additions:

  • Options for timestamping room and private chat. A dropdown menu in the Options->UI tab allows you to select from short and long form per-message timestamps, activity based timestamps which note the time chat starts and ends, or of course, no timestamps.
  • Download file and Download folder options in search results are now available via context menu instead of action buttons.
  • Browse folder option for search results will try to browse the user's share and automatically navigate to the corresponding folder.
  • Create chatroom option, also allows the creation of private rooms.
  • Fixed a bug where obfuscated peer connections dump messages that are very large (usually share browse messages.)
  • Peer connection activity timer is now updated during the send of a very large message to minimize the chance of premature closure.
  • Fixed a bug which resulted in the client sometimes not recording the obfuscated listening ports of other users.
  • On Windows, the configuration file is now saved in the app data folder instead of c:\ . Data should be properly imported from its previous location though.
  • On Mac, the filter help font size was made larger.
  • Private chat window now offers user context menu options, and shows the user's online status using a colored dot in the tab header.
  • Fixed a bug where uploads would often stall when switching from no upload speed limit to any upload speed limit.
  • Upload ETAs are now shown for individual files.
  • Online status of users downloading from and in the user list are now shown using colored dots.
  • User list is now automatically sorted by online status.

Links on the download page.

Thanks, Nir


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This really rocks. Thanks for the great work. A huge step for the multiplatform community. THANKS again!

Cheers roomx, thanks!