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Is it possible to add the private room feature? There are many times I've been invited to private rooms, only to tell people that I cannot join because I'm on a mac. Thanks and apologies if this has been asked before.
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Absolutely. This is one of a few things at the top of my list right now.

Didn't want to add a new topic as this is related to private rooms. A big thanks to Nir for adding the functions in to do private room stuff, only thing i need to switch to the old client for now is uploading...

One thing i noticed on the private rooms and its only a little thing, is that the operators / owners of the rooms are not highlighted in bold / underline respectively. Like i say not a biggie ;)

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agrred. And finally Mac users have an official possibility of joining in at the whole community

Hey squizza!

Yes, I forgot to revisit that little flourish before I released the client :) I'll try to get it done by the next release.

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How do I access a private room if I use a MacIntosh?

Is this a room you're already a member of?

I can't verify this because I'm currently not a moderator of any private room, but is there already a contextual menu item (on users) for adding/promoting/removing/demoting users to/from a private room?