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Allow the use of a context menu command "Hide these results" after the selection of results in the Wishlist (and/or Search) windows. I don't know how practical it would be to implement this - if uniquely identifying said files and filtering them would be resource-heavy or generate large files when hiding a large number of results. Preferrably with the ability to Undo the last change(s) for those cases when the user operates their client in error/stupidity/nontypical mental state. I request this as oftentimes I use the Wishlist for very obscure releases, sometimes with search strings that return huge lists of unrelated popular artists. Searching through the same long lists of garbage I don't care about over and over, hoping to find one user sharing what I want is a huge chore. Othertimes, I'll find what I'm looking for, but in a format or bitrate I'm unhappy with, and I'd like to continue searching for a better copy without having the existing files I've already grabbed constantly popping up in my wishlist results. I might actually start paying attention to my Wishlist results again if I didn't have to wade through 40+ windows confirming none of it was anything I wanted/didn't already have.
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That would essentially lead to blacklists consisting of individual files from individual users.. that would get big quickly. Unless, if Soulseek hashed all the files in its index, and then you could selectively block those hashes from turning up in the results.

This would be extremely useful. Often I download files which I then discover to be corrupt or something. They then keep appearing every time I research for the files, and it's annoying having to memorize which files are bad.

While I generally agree with all the above comments, I think that the hashing/search-coordinated blacklisting would be overkill. I would be happy to simply hide the (local) results in the GUI, even at a coarse user-level/search term tuple.

- hide all results containing "string 1" from users XYZ, John Doe, Jane Doe, Anonym0us, ...
- hide all results containing "string 2" from users Huey, Louie, Dewey, ...
- hide all results containing "string 3" from users Huey, XYZ, ...

To implement it, just create a local, persistent file *per search term* that contains a list of "ignored" users. Each file would seldom need to contain more than a hundred or so entries (users), so it should be reasonably small and quick to parse against during the filtering of the search results. Obviously, the file needs only be loaded into memory when the corresponding search term is entered.

And then make a big red button that says: 'clear ignored users for this search term' :)