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The filtering works excellent! However, I have to enter it on every search. Can you pop the filter outside the specific search, add a check box to toggle it on/off?
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This is ready for the next release! You'll have a save button next to the filter edit and a drop-down menu to the left with all of your saved filters. All you have to do to apply a saved filter is select it from the menu.

Cheers, Nir

Amazing, Thanks Nir!

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Ihan vitun jeba!

Following up... 7 months later :) The filter can be saved, which is awesome, but what would be even better! the filter selection stays chosen on all searches. Does that make since? Every search I have to select the filter. I don't download anything less then 320, every search I need to select 'mbr:320'. It would be nice if it stayed put. Is this possible?

Keep up the good work!

I was thinking of implementing that at the time I was working on saved filters, then decided to see if anyone was going to ask for it :) Try this one: SoulseekQt-8-3-2012.dmg. There's a checkbox now next to the save filter button that lets you set the current filter as the default one. It will then be used for every new manual search, and every wishlist search that doesn't have a changed filter associated with it. Let me know if you run into any problems!

Thanks, Nir